Wohlengraben (19.10.2016)
Kategorie: Training
Karte/Gebiet: Wohlengraben
Veranstalter: OLG Bern
Land: Schweiz
Training with the OLG Bern. I omitted on purpose the controls 14 and 15 to shorten the course. Night was already falling, so I omitted control 19 as well ( I was already completely lost there. On my abandonding return I was able to re-orientate myself so I finally picked 20 in the twilight. Good training in the steep gulleys, luckily no mishap or damage. At 10, many plateaus were present, so I didn't pick the correct one.
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Wohlengraben (19.10.2016) Wohlengraben (19.10.2016)